Discussion Materials for 18th of September 2013

Hello there!

This week we will be talkin’ bout “Queerness and Communism: Building a Genderless Society through Social Warfare with Normativity.”

Queerness and Communism explores the similarities, differences and intersections between the struggle for a genderless society and the struggle for a classless (communist) society. The author posits that, like Lenin’s argument that capitalism produces irreconcilably antagonistic classes, queerness is irreconcilably antagonistic to the normative forces of cis-normativity and hetero-normativity and that these normative forces are intrinsically tied to capitalism. However, while the author sees the proletariat/communist struggle for the abolition of private property and the Radical Queer struggle for the abolition of the normative as intersecting, they also state that these struggles can exist independently and therefore criticises “big C” communist current’s tendency to endorse the stance of the “LGBT Rights” movement which seeks to assimilate Queerness into the status quo rather than abolish the forces of normativity.

The reading can be found here:

Don’t worry, it’s not too long – and even if you don’t get a chance to read it you’re still welcome to come along for some nosh and a natter.

To find out the location of the event and be kept in the loop, send us an email at ifwecantdance@gmail.com or look for us at https://www.facebook.com/groups/ifwecantdance/

p.s. sorry for missing the post last week! was we discussed an essay entitled “Why Misogynists Make Great Informants: How Gender Violence on the Left Enables State Violence in Radical Movements”. It’s a great read and you can find it here:



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